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Greg Maurer's research wiki

Hidden Canyon Met datalogger

This is the wiki for Greg Maurer's research projects, which are focused on biogeochemical cycling in the seasonally snow-covered ecosystems of the western U.S. This research is based at the Bowling lab, in the University of Utah Biology Department.

Cautionary note: All data, code, figures, results, and discussions are presented in their raw, preliminary form. They have not been peer reviewed and are provided without guarantee of quality, accuracy, or safety.

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This wiki records day to day research activities for various research projects, including field and lab notes, method development, preliminary results, data analysis code, figures, photos, and discussions. It is essentially an open version of the electronic lab notebook for Greg Maurer's research projects. Because it is a wiki, this site can also be used for scientific collaboration. Those who would like to add to, comment on, or edit content on this site should email Off-topic posts will be removed.

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